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Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness

"Introducing the Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness into our WA operations was a huge undertaking for Veolia WA and the support from the team at PaQS was outstanding. Their willingness to really listen to both our suggestions and our concerns is genuinely appreciated and they are only too happy to provide whatever support is necessary to assist us introduce the program successfully. The program itself has provided the workforce with a greater appreciation for and understanding of how we "tick" and how that affects the outcomes we achieve in our everyday lives both at home and at work."

Jim Bell, Veolia Environmental Services WA

“…as an RTO organisation representing Western Power Corporation, we have introduced the Course in Advanced Safety and Quality Awareness Programme throughout Western Power, Private Business and a City Council. Power Training Services WA is also a registered associate for PaQS.

The training provided by PaQS to us was first class, and the support material provided for programme managers enables courses and programmes to be organised and co-ordinated very efficiently.

The introduction of the Course in Advanced Safety and Quality Awareness programme into Western Power has resulted in a significant improvement in the level of people’s safety awareness, safety attitude and ultimately safety behaviour.

We also run the full programme for Bayswater City Council. Originally it was for a group of maintenance workers. The council was impressed by the results and have since trained another group with the assurance of more to come.

I have no hesitation in recommending the products and the personal services of the PaQS company.”

Bill Davison, Power Training Services

“Our results have been quite outstanding. We have been delighted to see the progress of our employees in having their personal safety awareness raised, and the conscious efforts they are making to ensure safety in the workplace. I have always received prompt attention, praise and encouragement which reflects the professionalism of all at PaQS”.

Neil Liddell, Robson Civil Projects

“David Morley and Carl Reams have shown to me that they want to understand your business and your people so that they can make a difference. PaQS is a professional company that offers real improvements in workplace safety and attitude”

Tony Seears, Boral


"Our client, a medium sized manufacturing business, wanted something different for their annual safety program, and yet were very specific with their needs. They wanted to ensure that anything they did added on to previous and current safety programs, and it had to provide value to all levels of the business, not just be something for staff or management. We introduced them to OSCA and they thought it was a great idea, and in the end they got all staff to participate (rather than just using a sample group).

The results provided a great insight into where the safety culture of the organisation was, and explained why they had been getting differing results (with their safety programs) in different areas of the business. The comprehensive written report allowed them to graphically see where they needed to focus their efforts, and also where they had staff that could already be used as safety leaders. In some areas it confirmed what management had already felt, and in many other areas it provided insights into safety culture and behaviour that they simply had not seen before."

Dave Whitefield, Baseline Training Group


"Having used the ARM-Q for some 6 years as part of our pre-employment psychometric assessment services to industrial and mining clients, I can attest to its usefulness in assisting our clients to understand the safety awareness, and hence risk, of potential candidates. This serves as a critical part in making the most effective selection decisions based on research rather than on intuition, reference checks or other poorly validated predictive selection methods. We have found that in using the ARM-Q, it adds a valuable source of information to strengthen the confidence in our recommendations to clients."

Christopher St. Clair, PsychWorks Partnership

"Our company provides extensive Risk Management Services to our clients and I write to express our sincere appreciation for the great assistance provided by your PaQS Programme and the professional operation of your organisation.

PaQS has delivered immeasurable financial savings for our clients over many, many years and assists us in our goal of providing excellence for our business partners."

Rhett Hann, Hann Insurance Brokers Pty Limited

Observations from participants of the Managing Leading Coaching AS&QA Courses, including applied psychology.

“In terms of organizational culture – We cannot directly observe attitudes but we can see their effects by looking at the way people behave. It is often more obvious when organizational values are contravened or attitudes are destructive.

With the understanding of how attitudes develop one can apply this to create constructive changes in attitudes thereby changing behaviour. The techniques that I have applied to change safety attitudes as a result of this program, have been through direct learning (education) applied in a total acceptance manner. The person is then not threatened but is empowered to have a responsibility shift thereby improving safety compliance.

With the understanding of psychological inhibitors such as defence mechanisms that reduce ability developing into performance one can increase constructive individual beliefs thereby changing attitude(s). Applying rational skill development techniques to overcome irrational thinking facilitates the development of self esteem, tolerance of others and personal responsibility in individuals for safety.”

Soula Kakulas, Consultant Psychologist

“The Leading Culture Change course gave me a greater understanding of the psychological models that underpin safety performance...

Why people think, feel and act (behave) the way they do.

Cognitive process - in particular Constructive thinking vs Destructive thinking.

How to identify and build on people's self-esteem.

Helped me to better understand and identify peoples defence mechanisms.

How Rational and Irrational thinking drives people's safety behaviours.

Identifying and managing stress through bio-feedback mechanisms.

All of the above have been very beneficial to me when leading, addressing or implementing safety attitude (behaviour) change.”

Michael Chapelhow, OH&S Manager (Western Australia), Collex Onyx

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