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What does your candidate really think about safety?
Is your candidate motivated and confident they can avoid accidents and injuries.

R-SAFE for Recruiting
Safety Aware Focused Employees  
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Recruiting Using R-SAFE

R-SAFE is a powerful psychometric that will assist you in preventing human error accidents and injuries.

R-SAFE provides you with the information on which candidates require training before being placed into hazardous environments.

The R-SAFE survey, previously known as ARM (Accident Risk Management), is the newest updated version of ARM designed specifically for today’s workplace safety cultures.

Identifies Candidates at Risk

The survey not only helps to identify candidates and future employees at greater risk for accidents and injuries, but more importantly why and what can be done about it.

Measuring safety awareness is a vital step in meeting the challenge to understanding workplace safety attitudes of job seekers and future employees.

The R-SAFE survey can be administered online at any time and provides immediate reports to R-SAFE Coordinators.

Training for R-SAFE Coordinators is easily accessed online and available anytime for R-SAFE clients at no cost.

Traditional paper and pencil administration using either PaQS qualified staff or trained employees can be customised for specific purposes or projects.

What the R-SAFE Survey Measures

The R-SAFE survey measures five factors that comprise an individual’s overall safety awareness.

  • Overall Safety Awareness Score
  • Safety Control:
    Does the candidate think rationally - are accidents preventable or inevitable?
  • Risk Avoidance:
    Will candidate comply with your safety policies and procedures or take risks and shortcuts?
  • Stress Tolerance:
    Is the candidate Stress Tolerant or easily stressed, distracted, angered or fatigue prone?
  • Driver Attitude:
    Does the candidate have the awareness and temperament to operate and drive safely?
  • Quality Orientation:
    Does the candidate care about quality, accuracy, being professional and eliminating waste?

Two additional scales complete the R-SAFE survey to ensure fairness and that individuals will not be discriminated against because of poor literacy, comprehension or cultural bias.

PaQS designed and validated the R-SAFE survey to be used as a recruitment tool only. It should not be used with existing personnel. For assessing safety awareness of existing personnel see TNA for information.

R-SAFE Sample Reports

R-SAFE Pricing Schedule

Volume 1-99 100-499 500-999 1,000+ 5,000+
Per Survey $90 $85 $80 $75 POA

R-SAFE / ARM Survey Validation

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