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Achieving a Safety Culture: 2007 Safety Conference Paper

Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness
From the 10417NAT Course in Advanced Safety Awareness

Coaching & Training Safety Thinking

Everything required to lead and achieve a committed and evolving safety culture is contained within the Course in Advanced Safety and Quality Awareness (AS&QA). 

AS&QA is designed to be implemented (Managed Lead and Coached) by your own selected personnel fully trained and supported by PaQS.  

Achieving a committed and evolving safety culture is analogous to professional team sport where personal attributes are coached individually but within a framework of team identity and towards team objectives.

Organisations can choose up to five progressive levels from Introductory to Advanced and implement flexibly to suit their own strategies, timeframes and budgets.

PaQS are available to consult and advise on the many assessment and training face to face and online options available.

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