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How to Grow a Safety Culture

Growing your own safety culture is not difficult - just different.

A committed safety culture is achieved when it is led,  managed and coached by internally committed people already there, know it best and work in it every day.

PaQS provides organisations of every size, type and structure with everything they need to implement their own safety culture strategies in simple, fully supported and easy to follow stages.

PaQS provides all strategies, guidance and resources with:

PaQS safety culture strategies are designed to accommodate and not conflict with operational demands so that safety culture growth doesn’t become “if we have time?”

On the job flexible implementation, in your own time, reduces stress, resistance or the need to choose operational demands over growing your commitment to safety. The PaQS approach works because it is designed to fit your unique requirements:

THE OBJECTIVE:  A healthy safety culture exists when its people are  focused on personal responsibility, willing participation, shared identity and a commitment to continuous improvement.

THE STRATEGY:  A safety culture is achieved by moving people beyond compliance to commitment. A commitment to safety occurs when people comply, not only because they have to, but when they want to.


Organisations will be refunded for the full training package costs for any employee who cooperatively participates in PaQS Advanced Safety Awareness training and who does not:

  • Achieve a nationally recognised competency or
  • Increased safety awareness as measured by A-SATS*

    * Australian Advanced Safety Awareness Survey

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