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PaQS Team

Carl Reams – Managing Director

Carl is an organisational psychologist, co-owner and Managing Director of PaQS People and Quality Solutions Pty Ltd.

Carl has worked as a psychologist for 30 years specialising exclusively for the past 15 years in safety psychology and advising and assisting organisations with safety culture strategies and solutions.

Carl authored and developed the nationally accredited Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness (AS&QA) and the Australian Safety Awareness Training Survey (A-SATS). 

Carl Reams

Donna Reams

Donna Reams – Director Administration and Finance

Donna is an organisational psychologist and is co-owner of PaQS and Director of Finance and Administration.

Donna manages PaQS, coordinating all administrative departments and activities.

Donna is also involved with all aspects of product research, design, development and delivery.

Pete Grzywacz – RTO Compliance

Pete has been involved with training since 1995 as a contract trainer and consultant to a number of companies, private training companies and Registered Training Organisations.

As PaQS’ RTO Compliance Officer, Pete is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of training projects, the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and company compliance.

Pete Grzywacz

Carla Sorensen

Carla Sorensen - Director Assessment and IT, R&D

Carla is the PaQS developer and coordinator of IT platforms, assessment validation, statistical analysis, training resources, research and development.

Carla coordinates and supervises organisational safety culture assessments, analysis and reporting.

Professor Gerard Fogarty - Research Advisor & Consulting Psycho Metrician

Professor Gerard Fogarty is Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) and Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern Queensland.

Professor Fogarty is an expert, and PaQS Consultant, in multivariate statistics and psychometrics. His teaching areas include statistics, research methods, psychological assessment, history and systems of psychology, and human factors. He is the recipient of a national award for teaching excellence.

His areas of research include individual differences, psychological assessment, human factors, and organisational psychology. Much of his research has an applied orientation and he collaborates extensively with clients such as the Australian Defence Force.

Professor Fogarty has published in journals such as Journal of Vocational Behaviour, Intelligence, and Personality and Individual Differences. He is the recipient of institutional awards for individual research excellence and also research supervision.

Gerry Fogarty

Kate Olsen

Kate Olsen - Senior Consultant

Kate is a Behavioural Scientist with qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety, Risk Management and Psychology.

Kate has more than 10 years experience applying these skills in cultural development and safety management across a range of industries.

Her major strengths include people development and applying psychological principles to drive genuine organisational change.

The PaQS Team

PaQS Team
from left to right  
Jodie Shorter RTO Service Coordinator
Donna Reams Director Administration and Finance
Carla Sorensen Director Assessment and IT, R&D
Kate Olsen Senior Consultant
Pete Grzywacz Director Training, RTO Compliance
Carl Reams Managing Director
Bill Kerr IT Consultant
Lois Bird RTO Coordinator
Gerry Fogarty Research Advisor & Consulting Psychometrician
Terri Irwin Training Materials and Warehouse Supervisor
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