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PaQS Wins Award for 'Excellence in Safety'

PaQS demonstrated its excellence in safety with their recently initiated 'Home-Based Work Agreement' explained Carl Reams, PaQS' Managing Director and Senior Psychologist.

PaQS, as a flexible employer, realised that it had a duty of care to provide a safe and secure environment for its workers who work from a home. So we developed this initiative to ensure that our workers working from home not only see PaQS as fulfilling its legal and duty of care obligations, but also that we are playing a leadership role in work health and safety and ensuring safety and security in the workplace are a priority.

We strive to continue to develop our safety culture by leading from the top, where our actions and attitudes send to our workers a clear message that we are serious about their safety, security and wellbeing.

PaQS was a finalist along with 39 other organisations in eight different categories.

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