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In the modern workplace, skills, experience and basic safety training are not enough.

Responsibility for safety thinking has to extend beyond management to every existing or new employee, trainee and contractor.

Today’s professional requires an enhanced 'attitude and commitment' to a new advanced  level of Personal Safety Awareness characterised by intuitive safety thinking, heightened risk perception, rational judgment and personal responsibility.

             Can you train Attitudes?                 The Safety Attitudes

PaQS' cognitive behavioural Psychologists and Safety Trainers have developed this unique self-assessment and training Advanced Safety Awareness (ASA) course.

ASA establishes a rational understanding, heightened alertness, confidence and motivation (attitude) in a private, interactive and supportive exploration of safety focused thinking that is both personally relevant and empowering.


Safety attitudes are reinforced with recognition of achievement and an Australian
Nationally Recognised Competency.  Higher scorers on an Advanced Safety Awareness Assessment, following the training,  will receive a Professional ASA Card.


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