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Organisational Safety Culture Assessment (OSCA)

One of the most valuable tools a management team can have is an objective assessment of the current safety culture of the organisation.

At the end of the day it is what the managers and employees “actually” think about safety that will determine both their integrity and commitment to following the prescribed risk management protocols.

Lower safety awareness individuals and cultures are more likely to take shortcuts with risk management procedures or dismiss them easily as a low priority. Often, it is only a few individual elements of the safety culture that negatively impact the whole organisation.

A Safety Culture Assessment provides the management team and OH&S coordinators with an objective measure of the current level of safety awareness (covert attitudes and behaviours) that can undermine an organisation’s Risk Management strategy.

OSCA will identify the core attitudes that are underpinning your safety culture at management, supervisor and operator levels of responsibility.

Discover the Safety Thinking of your current workforce and identify areas of the greatest risk for accident or injury.

Safety Culture Assessments assist decision makers to:

  • Obtain a current transparent assessment and analysis of the managers and employees attitudinal safety awareness.

  • Understand the human factors contributing to their current business’ safety performance.

  • Target specific responsibility levels, risk areas and human error factors contributing to incidents.

  • Provide analysis and direction for training needs.

The first best step toward enhancing, developing or modifying an organisation’s safety culture is to know precisely where it is now.

An independent and objective Safety Culture Assessment is the quickest and most efficient way of evolving any organisation’s safety culture and performance to the next level.


  • Obtain a current assessment of your management team and employees’ attitudinal safety awareness.

  • Understand the human factors behind your organisation’s current safety performance.

  • Obtain an objective baseline for a safety training needs analysis.

  • Raise level of safety awareness of the employees who participate in OSCA.


  • OSCA prices range from $9 to $39 per person.



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