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Advanced Safety & Quality Awarness

In one hour, you can measure and develop safety awareness and minimize organisational and individual risk while providing participants with a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

This Course in Advanced Safety Awareness element develops a participant’s attitudinal safety awareness.

Participant’s achieve a personal rational context for understanding their own and each other’s responsibility for safety behaviour. A culture of safety awareness is generated by individuals on-the-job as usual practice providing a foundation for continuous improvement. Organisations by and through their people are seen as safety focused and committed.

The primary focus is on the employee accepting personal responsibility for their own safety behaviour.

The Course in Advanced Safety Awareness is nationally recognised and focuses operator drivers on their personal responsibility for safety and quality and covers five key attitudes.

Accepting Responsibility for Safety
Rational Thinking and Judgment

Developing Risk Perception
Personal Safety Commitment

Personal Stress Awareness
Stress Management Strategies

Professional Attitudes
Hazard Awareness
Safety Commitment
Systems Compliance

Quality Control
Error Avoidance
Quality Skills
Continuous Improvement

ASA provides a rational context for employees to make better safety related choices.

With the introduction of an Advanced Safety Awareness (ASA) Induction program for new employees prior to placing them into hazardous environments and higher risk positions personal safety awareness can be developed very quickly and efficiently.

ASA provides new or existing employees with a quick and efficient online personal assessment and self-coaching session supported by a qualified and fully trained safety awareness coach (PaQS trained employee or industry provider).

Employees (drivers for example) are coached to achieve recognition of their personal ability and responsibility to exercise personal control of safety in all environments and situations, regardless of how innocuous or safe the appearance.

Put simply, ASA provides a rational “attitudinal” context for drivers to make better safety related judgments and choices.

As an induction program, ASA has been shown to be particularly valuable to businesses where finding enough qualified and skilled employees is a challenge.

In Australia, ASA is part of a nationally recognised training course and has a competency component. ASA is recognized by many industries and used as an important component in their overall risk management and employee development programs.

ASA Induction, prior to driving or operating heavy vehicles or machinery, is the first, quickest and easiest step toward reducing human error and non-compliance accidents and injuries with higher skilled employees (driver operators).

Ensuring personal safety awareness with ASA at induction allows the focus to remain on skills at the point of recruitment.













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