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Summary Report by Geoffrey Needham, Superintendent, BHP Rail Operations

The ARM Profile has been used by hundreds of firms as a recruitment tool because of its ability to identify and measure the five specific attitudinal factors underlying unsafe behaviour.

The AS&QAP training program takes these same five attitudinal factors and encourages participants to build their safety awareness and sense of responsibility for safety by challenging their own "higher risk" beliefs in a non-threatening environment.

While there were reservations about whether attitudes could be changed and sustained, BHP proceeded to trial the AS&QAP training program, utilising stringent research controls.

Findings: The AS&QAP demonstrated across all measured factors its ability to improve safety awareness and to focus individuals on their personal responsibility for accident and injury prevention. Eighteen months after the program a greater than 50% reduction in the All Injury Frequency Rate has been sustained.

Based on these findings, all other Rail Operations staff and several other divisions of BHP are now participating in the AS&QAP training program.

BHP Training Reduces Injuries 58%
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