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It's a staggering thought but safety research clearly shows that human error causes most injuries. We are all capable of error - whether because of fatigue, lack of training and the like, because of our attitudes.

Our attitudes drive our behaviour. Accidents caused by human error - whether at home or at work - can be reduced if everyone is committed to understanding and developing their personal awareness of safety.

CSR Readymix in Western Australia has significantly reduced the number of injuries since introducing the PaQS safety awareness program over two years ago. The PaQS program focuses on people's beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and actions, emphasising that we are all personally responsible for our own safety.

In October 2000, the rate of recordable injuries (per million working hours) was 41. It's currently 11 and falling.

Safety has been continually improving since CSR introduced improved safety systems and procedures in 1988. But in 2000, far too many people were still being injured in CSR Readymix in Western Australia. So, CSR Readymix looked for a way to develop safety awareness and behaviour. They found it in a program offered by Australian based consultant People and Quality Solutions - PaQS.

"We saw the program as an innovative and effective way to enhance our current initiatives and focus on the people side of managing safety," says safety, health and environment manager Joe Maglizza of CSR Readymix in Perth.

Joe Maglizza with Gordon Herrick at a one-on-one safety session at Gosnells quarry, Perth.

The program focuses on each individual's safety beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. A trained coach works with each person to assess their level of safety awareness and discussed how they can improve it (see article on page 2, below).

Soon after CSR Readmix introduced PaQS in WA, CSR began embracing the Dick Knowles safety workshop process. They soon found that the two programs are just not compatible but they actively compliment each other. PaQS focuses on individuals while the Knowles process focuses on teams, on changing the way people work together to create a safer working environment.

What does the PaQS program involve?

What does the PaQS program involve in CSR Readymix Western Australia? It's simple, effective - and confidential. People fill out an accident risk management survey form. This is used to assess their personal accident risk management profile, which profiles their beliefs about safety and quality, including:

Safety control - accepting personal control for their own safety

Risk avoidance - distinguishing between constructive and destructive risk taking

Stress tolerance - ability to cope with and handle stress

Driver attitude - care, courteousness and commitment to safe and professional driving

Quality orientation - beliefs about quality control, error avoidance and commitment to continuous improvement.

Trained coaches then individually discuss the Accident Risk Management profile with the participants, including coaching to improve any areas of low awareness.

Subsequently, the participants do a one day group training session, to help them better understand each of the above key beliefs for safety. Participants are then encouraged to improve in areas of their greatest need.

Over the ensuing year or so, participants receive safety awareness newsletters, as well as three CD's with musical entertainment and safety messages.

Importantly, to enable participants to monitor their own improvement in safety awareness, they even do two follow up Accident Risk Management profiles, over 6-8 months, again with personal feedback, coaching and support - all strictly confidential.

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