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New Safety Culture Training for Mining Industry!

7 April 2010

In a first for OH&S in Australia, leading-edge training group PaQS People and Quality Solutions has launched an online Personal Safety Awareness self-assessment and training platform.

Advanced Safety Awareness (ASA) is specifically designed to build safety cultures for people and companies in the Mining Industry.

The PaQS accredited competency based training program is nationally recognised and enables mining managers and employees to complete a series of exercises online to help measure, focus and shape their attitude towards safety in the workplace, usually in less than two hours.

"ASA is a new frontier in safety management directed at avoiding human error incidents by enhancing individual and group (culture) safety thinking and awareness," according to PaQS Senior Psychologist, Carl Reams. "As most experts agree more than 90 per cent of workplace incidents, injuries and fatalities have a human error element. ASA training presents a great opportunity for significant reductions."

Mr Reams said, "Excellent work had been done in Australia over recent decades in the workplace environment to improve safety systems and procedures and to identify management responsibilities. However, there has been little, other than skills or systems-based training for the managers and employees designed to reduce human error. ASA develops people's rational judgment, perception and personal motivation to follow safety systems."

According to Professor Gerard Fogarty, Professional Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland and a research advisor and consulting psychometrician, a multi-level approach that addresses skills, knowledge, attitudes, and motivation is required to reduce the economic and human costs incurred by unsafe practices.

"The PaQS Advanced Safety Awareness Online Training course addresses the all-important question of attitudes and by making materials available in a flexible online mode PaQS has effectively created a learning opportunity for everyone," Professor Fogarty said.

"When it comes to safety, no amount of skill or experience will overcome a poor attitude. Sooner or later, people who place themselves and others in risky situations will run out of luck. The PaQS Advanced Safety Awareness Online Training course will help people to identify and correct attitudes that create instability in otherwise safe working environments."

Increasing global demand is requiring, particularly for mining industries, higher outputs with increasingly complex technologies in more difficult environments and climates.

New safety initiatives, like ASA, are needed to evolve safety thinking people and workplace cultures to meet the challenge.

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