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Safety culture company, PaQS joins transport industry group

24 November 2011

Safety coaching and training organisation, PaQS (People & Quality Solutions) has joined the Dawn Alliance, an Australasian Transport Risk Solutions (ATRS) association made up of organisations involved in the transport industry.

The ATRS Dawn Alliance currently has 12 members and each organisation joins the group by invitation. It was formed about 18 months ago by ATRS executives, David Edwards and Mel Saunders who have worked extensively in the rail and transport industry and could see the benefit of working in cooperation with other like-minded companies.

“We asked PaQS to join the Dawn Alliance because their safety coaching and training philosophy focuses on changing attitudes rather then simply following processes and procedures, and that complements what other members of the association are doing,” said David Edwards.

“Through partnering with the Dawn Alliance, the predominantly small or medium-sized companies in the association have the capacity and depth of larger organisations able to share experiences and resources with other members,” he added.

PaQS has a number of clients in the transport industry so becoming involved in a group like the ATRS Dawn Alliance has many benefits according to PaQS Managing Director Carl Reams.

“We were very pleased to be invited to join the Dawn Alliance. It gives us the opportunity to work with others in the rail transport industry and share experiences and resources.

“It also gives us kudos within the industry that we wouldn’t have independently. For example, we recently participated in the International Rail Safety Conference in Melbourne with representatives from around the globe. Our ATRS Dawn Alliance membership helped open the door for us,” said Carl Reams.

PaQS is a training and coaching organisation that specialises in safety culture with a focus on personal responsibility. Their programs aim to make constructive attitude and behavioural change by providing organisations with self-managing safety culture and leadership coaching.
PaQS’ safety training programs, based on psychological theory and research, focus on culture and individual empowerment rather than processes & procedures. This mainly comprises face-to-face training but online has been added to the mix in recent years.

For more information on PaQS and its services, visit or call 02 4949 4500.

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