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PaQS People and Quality Solutions Pty Ltd is a firm of organisational and industrial psychologists established in Australia since 1980 and now based in Newcastle, near Sydney.

The directors, Carl and Donna Reams have combined the latest research, developments and innovations in the area of workplace performance, attitudinal and behavioural assessment from the USA with a sound knowledge and experience of Australian workforce culture to produce unique training solutions.

PaQS specialises in the unique areas of personal performance assessment and development programs towards constructive attitude and behavioural change. The particular focus since 1993 has been in the areas of personal safety awareness, performance issues and quality orientation.

PaQS strategic objective in the fulfilment of its mission to "develop human potential" is focused primarily in the workplace. It is in the workplace where opportunities for personal and career growth can be balanced with improved team and organisational performance, creating the foundation for the continuous evolvement of win/win outcomes.

Carl and Donna's particular focus has its foundation in the recognition of the innate ability within each individual to assume greater personal initiative, responsibility and self-determination through enhanced rational and constructive thinking. At the heart of PaQS programs and coaching is the enhancement and reinforcement or development of self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-respect and respect for others. It is only in this way that sustainable win-win outcomes can be achieved.

Carl and Donna designed and developed the first Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness Program in 1992 at the request of a client organisation. Demand for the same and similar programs quickly overtook the company's existing objectives.

PaQS was incorporated as PaQS People and Quality Solutions Pty Ltd in 1994. In 1996 the Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness was accredited, with its competencies approved and accepted to the national register of vocational training.

PaQS History
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