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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Participants completing the Advanced Safety Awareness Course From the 10417NAT Course in Advanced Safety Awareness

What level of computer literacy does the online ASA Course require? What support is available?

Very little computer literacy is required for the online ASA Course with approximately 90% being simple use of a mouse.

At enrolment and one assessment a few short responses are required. Some administration support is allowed.

PaQS is available during office hours or by arrangement for content coaching support with extended periods for technical support.

Do I have to finish the whole course at one time? How long does it take?

No, you will be provided with a unique login-out authorisation code and password.

You can come in and out of the course any time you choose. Your course will restart where you were when you left.

For more than 95% of participant's time for enrolment, course completion and assessment is between 60-80 minutes.

What competency is achieved with the ASA Course?


People who successfully complete the ASA Course receive the Australian nationally recognised Statement of Attainment:
ASADPS001A Develop personal safety awareness” From the 10417NAT Course in Advanced Safety Awareness.


A Safety Awareness Card is also issued to participants who achieve a high safety awareness standard on their ASA assessment.

The Safety Card is increasingly being recognised by employers and insurers as a replacement for safety testing at point of employment.

What do I have to do to successfully complete the ASA Course? How many chances do I get?

There are three requirements to successfully complete the ASA Course:

  • A knowledge quiz of the course content

  • An ASA assessment for your Professional Safety Card.

  • A few safety questions for your competency, “national recognition” certificate

There are no limits on opportunities to complete the ASA Course.


 Where and when should the ASA Course be used in organisations?

Most employers use ASA with their existing employees to enhance safety awareness and reinforce personal responsibility.

Induction provides a unique opportunity to focus personal safety awareness prior to placing new employees into hazardous environments.

Adding the ASA “attitude” element to other safety training, particularly for apprentices and trainees, demonstrates your organisation's commitment to safety.

 How does ASA develop or enhance Safety Attitudes?

The Course in Advanced Safety Awareness has been developed by Safety Psychologists utilising proven education and development applications.

Attitude elements are presented in a rational context with exercises providing Rapid Reinforcement, Situational and Comparative Learning techniques.

Personal reinforcement of safety concepts and behaviours result from participant's opportunity to explore and test privately their safety thinking beliefs.

 What obligations, administration or paperwork is required of my company for our employee's training, assessment and competency registration?

None! PaQS provides and completes all training, registrations and issues all certificates.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) PaQS is required to maintain your employees record of qualification for 30 years.

Any internal records of achievement your company wishes to keep is at your discretion.

 Is there an ASA Course for my industry?  Can we add a Company branding or content?

Yes!  The core ASA “safety attitude” content is adaptable to all industries.

Yes!  PaQS can provide company branding versions and add content. 

PaQS would advise if they deemed your content would conflict with the safety attitude development process.

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