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Different Approach


PaQS Safety Culture Difference

Today’s workforce is faced with increasingly complex technologies, hazardous environments, extreme climates and global demands for increased productivity.

These demands require a heightened awareness of safety in the workforce, but not just through efficient procedures and processes. Today’s workforce needs a culture of ‘safety thinking’ people.

‘Safety thinking’ people are characterised by intuitive thinking, heightened risk perception, rational judgment and a sense of personal responsibility. This is the culture that PaQS aims to achieve through its coaching and training programs.

Different Approach

PaQS’ unique psychological approach focuses on empowering people to avoid human errors. The focus is on providing participants with a heightened risk perception, stress and fatigue tolerance and awareness of their ability and responsibility.

Most safety training courses focus on the processes and procedures whereas PaQS’ training is based on applied psychological theory and continuous measurement.  PaQS’ training focuses on culture and individual empowerment rather than the processes and procedures behind safety.

PaQS’ method is based on a holistic culture model of willing participation and responsibility. This coaching model creates an environment for constructive and positive industrial relations as well as an atmosphere of team support, job satisfaction, lower stress and therefore increased productivity.

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