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Like living things, safety cultures are not manufactured ...
they are grown - EVOLVED!

Today, with professional assessment and strategic planning support, and the specialised tools and training now available: Organisations can evolve their own safety culture!

A business’ safety culture is the sum of its peoples’ personalities, values and behaviours - it is living and constantly changing but requires focus and direction.

Any business can be assisted to develop the safety awareness of its people and culture with the unique assessments, coaching and training tools now available. Managers and employees can be coached and trained to develop their personal safety awareness attitudes, abilities and responsibility.

A few are proven, competency based and has achieved national recognition (Course in Advanced Safety Awareness – Australia).

What is clear is that any business can now evolve, and is best able to develop its own safety culture with the self-managing assessment and coaching tools now available. A safety culture is best driven from within the organisation. After all, the culture is there every day! Every business can develop the safety awareness of its people.

Evolving a safety aware culture is not difficult - just different! Developing safety awareness attitudes, as some have found, is not the same as training skills. Achieving a safety culture is more analogous to professional team sport, where personal attributes are coached individually but within a framework of team identity and toward team objectives.

Safety Culture

A healthy safety culture is foremost people focused and characterised by individual personal responsibility, willing participation, professional pride, shared identity and commitment to continuous improvement.

Culture Evolution - Create the Vision

Evolving your culture begins by moving people from non-compliance to compliance then from compliance to commitment. Total commitment occurs when people comply, not because they have to, but because they want to!

Key Outcomes:

  • Reduced accidents and injuries
  • Enhanced organisational safety culture commitment
  • Individual safety and quality responsibility facilitated
  • Increased employee self-esteem and confidence
  • Teams and individuals focused on win-win outcomes
  • Destructive behaviours and attitudes transformed

The Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness (AS&QA) is a nationally accredited course and provides participants with an understanding and application of attitudinal safety awareness and how it applies to the organisation.

Participants will be personally coached and trained throughout the course to develop their Safety Thinking and responsibility for their own and each other’s safety in the workplace. There is also the option of a follow-up program for continued reinforcement and sustainability of results.

The course is designed to be delivered over five progressive levels and consists of over 80% one-on-one employee coaching with group-based facilitation also provided to reinforce Safety Thinking and behaviour in your workplace.

The Course in AS&QA can be delivered by your own employees or you can have PaQS deliver some or all of the course for you.

Information on Course Content


  • Each Level is $99 each per person, GST Free.
  • Volume price schedules request form

Who Can Deliver the Course in AS&QA?
The Course in AS&QA can be delivered by your own employees who have completed the PaQS AS&QA Managers Leadership Course. Alternatively, you can have PaQS or their associates deliver some or all of the courses.




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