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Please use this link to register for the Online ARM Coordinators Course.

About the Course

FREE Online ARM Survey Coordinators Course

This course will accredit you to administer your applicant's online ARM Survey and provide you with the training to receive, interpret and apply applicant's results to HR decision making.

Course takes under 90 minutes to complete. Upon successful completion of the final assessment, coordinators will be able to start using the PaQS Online ARM Survey system with their applicants immediately (within business hours).


Validation of the ARM Survey
Purpose of the ARM Survey
Who Should Complete the ARM Survey
Understanding Accidents
What the ARM Survey Is and Is Not
What the ARM Survey Measures
How to Interpret the ARM Survey Report
Completing the ARM Survey
Coordinating the ARM Survey
How to Administer the ARM Online
Security Professional Standards
National Privacy Principals
Practical Administration Exercise
Professional Standards Agreement
Final Assessment

Optional - Administrators Module (for Paper and Pencil Administration)

$45 + GST
Includes all materials and shipping via Express Post within Australia.
International shipping is at cost price.

Once received the course takes less than 90 minutes to complete.

This course includes all the materials and instructions necessary to administer the ARM Survey in a face-to-face environment suitable for either individuals or group settings.

Technical Support

Please contact PaQS on (02) 4949 4500 or if you need any assistance.