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ARM Survey Validation
University of Southern Queensland (PDF -74KB) pdf
Professor Gerald Fogarty & Todd Shardlow
Study 1 - Validation of Scale Structure & Study 2 - Meta Analysis

Independent Consultants (PDF - 46KB) pdf Kendall Want Associates

Civil Construction - Accidents & Incidents In Relation To ARM Scores
Food Processing
Pizza Delivery - Attitude and Safe Driving Behavior
Retail grocery - Safety Control Attitudes Predict Accidents
Manufacturing - 83% of Accidents Predicted at Manufacturing Firm
Manufacturing - 92% of Injuries Predicted at Manufacturing Firm
Paper Mill - Management Developing Safety Attitudes
Manufacturing - Lower Accidents with Higher Safety Attitudes

Mining - Quality Issues Effect Safety
Coal - Lower A.S.A. = More Lost Time Injuries
Coal - Pilot Program Reduces Disabling Injuries by 90%
Gold - 100% Equipment Damage Predicted
Gold - 100% Vehicle Damage Predicted
Gold - 100% Hours Lost Predicted
Gold - 92% of MTI's Predicted
Gold - 86% Identified Hazards Predicted

Rail Transport
Rail - Lower ASA = Higher Accident Frequency
Rail - Lower ASA = More Frequent Injuries!
Rail - Higher ASA Reduces Incident Frequency
Rail - Personnel absentee rates drop 28%
Rail - Lost Time Injuries Due To Accidents

Road Transport
Coal - Professional Drivers Have Safety Attitude
Commercial - Developing Attitudes In Road Transport
Freight - Accidents & Workers' Compensation
Freight - Attitude Saves Fuel
Freight - High Risk Employees Drive Expenses Up
Freight - ARM Scores to Driving Accidents and Related Costs
Refrigerated - ARM-Q & Management Employment Ratings Agree
Waste Disposal
Waste Disposal - 72% Vehicle Accidents Predicted
Waste Disposal - 82% Lost Time Injuries Predicted
Waste Disposal - 61% Accidents Predicted
Waste Disposal - 81% Workers' Compensation Days Predicted

Benchmarking Project
Chemical (CH), Food Processing (FP), Gas Service (GS), Road Transport (RT)

Measuring Safety Attitudes: CH, FP, GS, RT
Measuring Safety Attitudes

Unsafe Attitudes Predict Injuries: FP, GS, RT
Unsafe Attitudes Predict Injuries

Attitudinal Safety Awareness & Use of Sick Leave: FP, GS
Attitudinal Safety Awareness & Use Of Sick Leave

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