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Higher ASA Reduces Incident Frequency!
Personnel = 200

Higher ASA Reduces Incident Frequency!

Rail operations personnel (drivers and shunters) were assessed for their Attitudinal Safety Awareness (ASA) and it's relationship to All Incident Frequency Rates*.

The one third (33%) of personnel who scored at the higher risk level and the one third (33%) who scored at the average risk level accounted for All Incident Frequency Rates* of 520 and 495 respectively. The lower risk one third (33%) of personnel accounted for an All Incident Frequency Rate* of 357, significantly lower than their higher and average risk collegues.

Clearly, in the rail industry, Attitudinal Safety Awarness (ASA) is a significant identifer and predicator of the attitudes that underlie the unsafe behaviour that leads to more accidents and their resulting injuries.

(See also research on Accidents & Injuries results from this survey group).

* All Incident Frequency rate (incidents per one million man hours worked)

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