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Pilot Program Reduces Disabling Injuries by 90%
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Pilot Program Reduces Disabling Injuries by 90%

The Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness (AS&QA) was piloted by a mining company to test if the course would impact on safety attitudes.

The Course in AS&QA differs from most behaviour modification training because, rather than addressing behaviour indirectly, it targets cause - the thinking and beliefs that drive behaviour.

Results: Participants' scores on all ARM-Q Scales improved between 25% and 88%. This indicates that the safety awareness level of the group had been raised considerably.

The pilot group's pre and post training safety data were then compared. The results were significant. Reported incidents doubled, reflecting an increase in responsibility for quality and safety, whilst disabling injuries (injuries requiring lost time from usual duties) fell by 90%. No such improvements were found in comparable crews.

Update: It is now twelve months since training was conducted. In the past six months, the pilot crew have experienced no disabling injuries, indicating a sustained improvement from the program. The Course in AS&QA has now been extended to other employees.

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