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The ARM Survey
The ARM Survey (ARM) is a user-friendly self-report survey of the safety attitudes that comprise our individual attitudinal safety awareness.

The ARM consists of common beliefs shown to measure awareness, knowledge, conceptual orientation and perception of safety and risk.

All items on the ARM are drawn from simple workplace and life experience as they apply and are correlated with one or more of the following safety attitudes scales that comprise people's attitudinal safety awareness.

The ARM Survey is to be used for RECRUITMENT ONLY. It is NOT to be used with existing personnel. For assessing Safety Awareness of existing personnel Contact PaQS for information.

What the ARM Survey Measures
The ARM safety survey measures five factors that comprise an individual’s safety awareness. They are:

  • Safety Control
    Is a measure of how much control a person believes they have over events in their life.
  • Risk Avoidance
    Is a measure of how committed a person is to following proper safety policies and procedures.
  • Stress Tolerance
    Is a measure of how much a person believes they can manage their stress.
  • Driver Attitude
    Is a measure of how much a person drives sensibly, courteously and defensively.
  • Quality Orientation
    Is a measure of how much a person strives for quality and continuous improvement both in terms of safety and professionalism.

Two additional scales comprise the ARM safety survey to ensure fairness (a level playing field) and that individuals will not be discriminated against because of poor literacy, comprehension or cultural bias.

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ARM Survey Validation
The ARM Survey was introduced to Australia in 1992. In 1992/93 Australian adaptation and validation of the ARM safety survey for Australian workforce populations was completed. The ARM Survey is re-normed every two years. 2006: 100,000+ ARM Surveys completed in Australia and New Zealand.

University of Southern Queensland
Professor Gerald Fogarty & Todd Shardlow
PDF Study 1 - Validation of Scale Structure & Study 2 - Meta Analysis (PDF 72KB)

Independent Consultants
PDF Kendall Want Associates (46KB)

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ARM Survey Uses
The Accident Risk Management Survey is used widely around the world to identify higher risk applicants prior to placing them into safety sensitive positions.

Higher risk areas and applicants can be identified prior to placement into hazardous environments and assist new employee selection, orientation and training.

The ARM is one of the most objective and non-discriminatory methods of selection. However, it should not be used as the only factor in making a hiring or placement decision. The ARM should be used in conjunction with other measures such as interviews, reference checks, work history, job knowledge, safety record, training, etc.

The ARM Survey is Not
The ARM is not a personality assessment.
The ARM is not and does not measure or correlate with any personality traits, personal values, life style preferences or political/social perceptions. The ARM also does not measure intellectual potential, aptitudes, general knowledge or specific skills. The ARM exclusively measures safety awareness factors that are correlated with safety behaviour and outcomes.

The ARM is not a test.
Tests have right and wrong answers - the ARM does not. There is a wide range of possible answers on the ARM. They are open to many and varied views and judgments that are neither right nor wrong in and of themselves. The ARM determines safety awareness or risk level based on the interpretation of many items in each scale.

ARM is not industry specific.
The ARM is not specific or biased towards any industry. ARM measures "human error" potential due to a lack of safety awareness across all industries. Clearly, the more hazardous the work environment or the greater the responsibility in directing work procedures or behaviour of other people, the more vital higher safety awareness is to maintain a safe working environment.

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