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Attitude and Safe Driving Behavior
Personnel = 28

The The Accident Risk Management Questionnaire (ARM-Q) is designed to measure the likelihood that individuals will engage in safe workplace behavior and avoid on-the-job accidents. Safety and safe driving practices are of primary importance for employees involved in pizza delivery.

Previous research has shown that the ARM-Q scores are predictive of safe driving behavior (Slora, Boye, & Jones, 1989a,b). The purpose of the current study is to examine the relationship between ARM-Q scores and safe driving behavior among pizza delivery employees.

Twenty-eight pizza company drivers for a major pizza chain completed the ARM-Q. In addition, they completed a comprehensive safe driving criterion checklist. The checklist asked for frequencies of safety-related driving practices, such as speeding, moving violations, drinking and driving, and accidents. A total Safe Driving Index was derived as a combination of items from the checklist.

Higher scores on the Safe Driving Index represent safer drivers. Correlations between the Safe Driving Index and ARM-Q scores show significant relationships between the Safe Driving Index and Risk Avoidance (r = .38, p < .05) and the overall Safety Index (r = .30, p < .05). Employees were then grouped into "Safe" and "Unsafe" driving groups on the basis of their Total Safe Driving Index scores. Analysis showed that ARM-Q scale scores successfully distinguished between safe and unsafe drivers.

Employees who were classified as "Safe" drivers received significantly higher scores on the Safety Control, Risk Avoidance, Stress Tolerance and Safety Index scales. The sample size in the current study is small and the results should be interpreted with caution. However, the results suggest that the ARM-Q can be used to identify individuals who are likely to engage in safe driving practices.

Attitude and Safe Driving Behavior
Safe Driving Practice         ARM-Q Scores
Safe Driving Practices Correlate With ARM-Q Scores
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