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Sick Days Used = 2285 Personnel = 87

Sick Days Used

Two companies representing two separate industries ( Gas Service & Food Processing-Bakery) participated in an insurance benchmarking project. The project was to test the ARM-Q ability across both industries to identify those personnel with lower Attitudinal Safety Awareness (ASA). The ARM-Q measures factors associated with the propensity for human error accidents and injuries due to higher risk personnel's inability or unwillingness to follow safety systems, procedures and training. (See accidents and lost time injury research for these industries).

In this study the Gas Service Industry and the Food Processing-Bakery also compared their personnel's use of Sick Leave to ASA levels.

The one third of personnel from both companies who scored at highest risk had 1325 (58%) of the total sick days used compared to 663(29%)of the sick days used by the average scorers and 298 (13%) of the total sick days used from those personnel who scored at lower risk.

Clearly the ARM-Q demonstrated its ability to identify the attitudinal and conceptual factors associated with unsafe behaviour leading to more human error accidents and injuries.

These results, while limited at this juncture to one study, suggest that ASA correlates with attitude to the workplace more globally. Those personnel who feel more empowered with safety also feel more in control within their work environment and seem better equipped to deal with the challenges and stresses of the workplace. Significantly fewer days away from the workplace would seem to indicate higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment in those personnel with higher ASA.

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