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PaQS People and Quality Solutions Pty Ltd safety psychologists specialise in providing organisations with the tools and support to achieve and sustain their own safety cultures.

Founded in academically proven rational cognition and behavioural psychology, PaQS has developed the only safety culture training that is AQTF and nationally recognised.

PaQS partners with organisations to lead and achieve their own unique cultures of safety, quality and professionalism.

PaQS People and Quality Solutions Pty Ltd are a Strategic Partner and Preferred Supplier of several global reinsurance companies.


PaQS’ method is based on a “holistic” culture model focused on individual and team assessment, monitoring, coaching and promoting safety compliance and commitment to establishing and maintaining an “attitudinal” safe work environment that extends beyond the workplace to home, personal life and into the community.

The PaQS method is analogous to professional team sport where unique and specialised attributes are coached individually but within a framework of team identity and toward team objectives.

In this manner, the PaQS method is first and foremost coaching before policing. Positive Industrial Relations and Productivity

A coaching model of willing participation and responsibility creates an environment not only for constructive and positive industrial relations but also an atmosphere of team support, job satisfaction and lower stress outcomes – increased productivity.

Outcome - Conceptual

A safety culture characterised by effective communication and commitment to a common ideal of personal responsibility and cooperation by a safety empowered workforce trained to make better safety decisions within and outside the workplace.

Outcomes - Statistical - KPI

Measured safety awareness increases exceeding 100% in safety control, risk avoidance, stress tolerance, operational, professional and quality attitudes are common and substantiated by corresponding reductions in organisational KPI’s.

Resources and Tools

PaQS provides organisations with all training, resources and support to establish their own dynamic and continuously evolving safety culture, to include:

  • Strategic structure
  • Cultural analysis
  • Assessment tools
  • Continuous coaching
  • AQTF recognition
  • Knowledge and training
  • Training programs and resources
  • PaQS AQTF Administration
  • Partnered implementation
  • Continuous measurement.

PaQS is an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and as such is governed by the NSW Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board (VETAB) standards and guidelines as well as all relevant Commonwealth regulatory requirements.

The International Association of Safety Professionals

PaQS is a member of the International Association of Safety Professionals (IASP), a not-for-profit organisation now working in more than 42 countries to improve workplace safety.  With its head office in the United States of America, the IASP reaches out to workers worldwide with training, advice, and equipment designed to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities. IASP works to promote the enhancement of workplace safety and to provide support and encouragement to those responsible for managing and or promoting workplace safety.

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