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Date: 3-5 September 2002
Session Title:
The Use of Cultural and Behaviour Change Systems
Speaker: Will Lee, Systems Manager, Allied Plant Services

The Company:
Allied Plant Services is an Industrial Cleaning and Heavy Equipment Hire business. They supply Industrial Cleaning and Safety Support Services to many industries such as:

  • Steel
  • Marine & Defence
  • Industrial & Municipal
  • Waste
  • Mining
  • Building & Construction
  • Railways
  • General Engineering
The History

In 1994 the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate was increasing at an alarming rate. A plan was put forward to stem the increase and bring it down with the goal point being zero. The first part of the plan was engaging a safety professional. This was followed by setting up specific safety systems including training packages, so there was formal training and assessment for all plant and equipment that was operated by the company. The next step was a formal system of auditing the workforce for compliance with the training received. All of this was undertaken over a number of years. An incident investigation system was also established to find out the root cause of all incidents. Training of employees by Du Pont was another initiative.

All of this stopped the injury trend and was reducing the LTIFR, but there were still operators having injuries. The workforce reached some milestones; initially in 1996 the company reached 300,000 hours worked without a lost time injury but this was ended when a trained worker caught his finger. The next milestone was 500,000 hours worked, but a worker had his finger cut with a water blaster. The incident investigation for this accident found that:

  • The worker had been trained some 8 years before and had attended refresher courses.
  • All of the safety systems had been in place.
  • The work crew had completed their "Take 2" safety assessment.
  • The worker had many other things on his mind at the time that was not work related.

The Solution

After this it was decided that to have well equipped, trained and competent task operators was not enough. The company had to look at an attitudinal approach to get behavioural change in the workforce. The program chosen was from People & Quality Solutions and was the Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness.

The program commenced with two staff members becoming qualified and registered to administer the Accident Risk Management profile, which measures each employees attitude to safety awareness, risk control, stress tolerance, driver attitude and quality orientation. Further training in presenting the Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness (AS&QA) followed, when two staff members attended the PaQS Program Managers Course.

The first group back in the workplace chosen for the AS&QA training were our team leaders, as it was thought that they would have the greatest influence on the total workforce. The next group was the leading hands. The company's employment criteria was then made stricter with the implementation of the ARM questionnaire. The aim of using the ARM profile was to ensure only safe minded personnel were given a start with the company.

The results have been outstanding as we have just passed 1,000,000 hours worked within the BHP Steel site LTI free.

Improvement Safety Awareness of Supervisor/Leading Hand Group over the six months of the
Course in Advanced Safety and Quality Awareness.

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