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How do I book for a Course?
Click here for Upcoming Course Dates, Prices & Registration links. Otherwise please contact PaQS on 02 4949 4500.

What are your prices?
Please contact PaQS either by calling 02 4949 4500, or filling out our online request form. We will be in contact with you to provide the link to our appropriate Price Guide website.

Can I use the ARM Survey on existing Employees?
The ONLY time the ARM Survey can be used on existing employees is if it is in conjunction with specific safety attitude development training, or as part of a CARMS project. The ARM Survey may NOT be used under any other circumstances to assess current employees. Please contact PaQS for further information.

About the Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness (AS&QA)
Is the Course in AS&QA Nationally Recognised?
Yes. The Course in AS&QA is the first program of its kind to receive national recognition. While there are many accredited courses in safety systems training, this is the first accredited course that focuses specifically on developing safety attitudes and enhancing safety culture.

The Course in AS&QA is accredited through VETAB in NSW, giving it GST Free status.

What is an Attitude?
An attitude is simply a personal value made up of many individual but related beliefs or ideas. For example, incorrect individual beliefs about accidents that support a poor safety attitude may be:

  • "Accidents are inevitable"
  • "Everyone has accidents"
  • "Accidents happen because of bad luck"
  • Along with many similar beliefs - may lead to an attitude that: "Safety
  • Training is useless and unnecessary"

Can you tell a person's attitude from how they behave?
Sometimes you can but usually not. People can behave differently depending on who they are with and
whether they think they are being observed.

Can You "Train" other people's attitudes?
Usually not. It is very difficult to force people to change their attitudes. Attitude change will occur naturally and easily by showing the benefits and providing opportunities and an environment for people to explore and change their own beliefs and attitudes without confrontation or loss of face.

Is it possible for attitudes to change?
Yes. We all change many of our attitudes over time as we learn and develop throughout our lives. People will willingly change their attitudes if they feel unthreatened and can clearly see the benefits for themselves.

Whilst there must be a desire to change, the Course in AS&QA lays the foundation and encourages and stimulates a willingness to change. Regular monthly follow-up and coaching reinforces, motivates and instils safety awareness attitudes until participants are practiced, confident and committed to safety awareness concepts.

How does the Course in AS&QA change attitudes?
The Course in AS&QA provides an enriched learning environment and opportunities for people to examine and explore their beliefs about themselves, their safety and their professional image.

The foundation of the program is directed at developing self-esteem and empowering people to accept more personal responsibility and control in their lives through clearer rational thinking and effective decision making.

How do you measure change?
Benchmarks and objectives are established with each organization at the commencement of training using the Accident Risk Management Survey results and relevant data (management ratings and performance indicators, accidents, all injury frequency rates, lost time injury statistics, etc). At commencement and at regular intervals, outcomes and results can be measured and compared.

About the Accident Risk Management Survey (ARM)
Why is the ARM different from other pre-employment tests?
The Accident Risk Management Survey is not a skills test or a personality assessment. The ARM measures specific attitudes towards safety and professionalism. The profile predicts specific behavioural outcomes in respect to accidents and injuries.

How do people respond to completing the ARM?
The ARM is a user friendly, self-report survey. Proper prior briefing and administration usually reduces any anxiety if it is present.

What industries is the ARM appropriate for?
The ARM is measuring human factors and is therefore applicable to all industries.

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